Canopy Kelp Spatial Dynamics (WG1)

Canopy Kelp Spatial Dynamics (WG1)
Bird's-eye view of floating canopy kelp.


Bring together information and knowledge on kelp remote sensing methodologies and the spatial dynamics of floating canopy kelps, with application to spatial planning and management in BC and WA.

Specific goals are to:

  1. Review and discuss methodologies used to map kelp in BC and WA

  2. Map and collate regional spatial data on floating canopy kelps 

  3. Develop a transboundary approach for tracking changes in floating canopy distributions

Canopy Kelp Spatial Dynamics (WG1)
Exploring photos with the Kelpomatic tool.

Priority Actions & Deliverables

These objectives and deliverables were mapped out by the group in the first WG1 meeting. They are a work-in-progress and will continue to be refined. 

  1. For regional kelp mapping, conduct a sensitivity analysis of different Remote Sensing (RS) tools for kelp mapping

    1a) review, discuss, and troubleshoot different kelp mapping RS methods used in this region

    1b) quantify the spatial and temporal trade-offs in kelp canopy detection associated with different methods, used datasets collection at the same location for quantitative comparisons

  2. Create an open-access spatial data/imagery database for BC and WA 

    2a) expand and update a list of spatial datasets 

    2b) review the spatial/temporal distribution of datasets; determine spatial gaps and areas with high resolution data to inform regional kelp monitoring

    2c) map a workflow for integrating canopy kelp data coastwide

    2d) based on available and emerging datasets, review potential tools for annual assessments of spatial change (losses/gains) 

  3. Provide a forum to discuss canopy kelp indicator development, adoption and implementation

    3a) provide technical feedback on Puget Sounds Kelp Vital Sign development

    3b) assess methodology for application and adoption of Vital Signs in BC linked to long term transboundary kelp monitoring and marine planning 


  • Helen Berry, DNR (USA)

  • Luba Reshitnyk, Hakai Institute (CAN)

  • Danielle Claar, DNR (USA)

  • Maycira Costa, University of Victoria (CAN)

  • Sarah Schroeder, MaPP & University of Victoria (CAN)

  • Emily Rubidge, DFO (CAN)

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