Data Integration (WG6)

Data Integration (WG6)
Aerial view of the ocean and island groups.


Our goal is to enable discovery and integration of kelp and kelp-associated datasets, understand the linkages between datasets, and blend data to enable new insights across systems, ecosystems, and geography. 

Priority actions & deliverables:

These objectives and deliverables were mapped out by the group in the first WG1 meeting. They are a work-in-progress and will continue to be refined. 

  1. Augment kelp data discovery and access

    1a) What data standards already exist? What should the Kelp Node adopt for its WGs to enable interoperability?

    1b) What data portals already exist for accessing and discovering data: what should the Kelp Node WGs use?What else is needed?

    1c) What approaches and tools exist for data sharing, including sensitive or protected data? Common templates for kelp Data Management Plans?

    1d) Develop a flowchart to support improved kelp data discovery/access

  2. Develop data integration workflows

    2a) How are different datasets connected? - network graph data example, using WG datasets to start. 

    2b) What graph data fields are critical to collect for network analyses?  

  3. Support WG data integration applications and identify new data uses 

    3a) Feedback to specific WG actions, and other kelp management needs: where are the greatest data/knowledge gaps? Where are the baseline data needs? 

    3b) How can multiple data sources flow to secondary products? e.g., WG maps, transboundary reports, website data visualizations  


  • Ken Collins, Island County Marine Resources Commitee  (USA)

  • Margot Hessing-Lewis, Hakai Institute (CAN)

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