Reef Check diver in a kelp forest. Photo credit: Zack Gold (Reef Check)

Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring

Dan presented an overview of the Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring program and methods during a WG5 meeting. He shared Reef Check's origins, the breadth and extent of current survey activities and plans for the future. Reef Check may soon be expanding into Canada!

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Program Overview:

Excerpt from Reef Check website:

Along the West Coast of North America, Reef Check helps ensure the long-term sustainability and health of the nearshore rocky reefs and kelp forests. Reef Check volunteer citizen scientists are divers, fishermen, kayakers, surfers, boaters, and a wide range of people who take a proactive role in making sure that our nearshore ecosystems are healthy and well managed. We train scuba divers to be citizen scientists familiar with local marine life and how to survey kelp forests. We provide them with the skills to conduct scientific surveys and then lead them in monitoring kelp forests along the West Coast of North America.

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