Photo credit: Hakai Institute

Kelp Pressure Metadata

Kelp forests are in decline in many regions, where they face multiple biotic and abiotic pressures. We need a better understanding of the key pressures at play in different regions if we want to preserve and restore kelp forests.

The first objective of WG3 is to:

  1. Identify and summarize existing knowledge and expertise as well as knowledge gaps regarding ecological and environmental drivers of change in kelps.

    • Improve organization and access to kelp pressure metadata and data.

To this end, WG3 participants are working on a central source of kelp pressure metadata. This resource will be helpful to understand what is being measured where, when and how. It will enable us to identify gaps as well as opportunities to analyze cumulative stressor impacts.

If you are measuring kelp pressures in the shared waters of BC & WA, please add your metadata here.

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